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Paperless Veterinary Dental Chart Demo Video

This video demonstrates the Paperless Veterinary Dental Chart for iPad and iPhone.

Paperless Veterinary Dental Charts

This patient had an inclined plane placed for correction of a Class II Malocclusion one month prior to admittance to Atlanta Veterinary Dentistry.  Severe palatitis is present secondary to an incorrectly placed acrylic incline plane.   The CHARTific paperless veterinary dental charts are demonstrated below for more details in this case.      

Digital Vet Dental Chart

This is an example of utilizing the digital vet dental chart in a case of bone necrosis in a pit bull puppy that sustained a severe bite by its adult housemate. The patient presented at a local emergency facility for repair of the maxillary fracture. The fracture was reduced and the mucosa sutured. We saw this patient in Fort Myers ten days post repair. Anesthesia and evaluation with radiographs revealed that the bite lacerated the infraorbital neurovascular bundle eliminating the blood supply to the necrotic segment.

Digital Veterinary Dental Charting for a Dog with Periodontal Disease

Video of CHARTific Digital Veterinary Dental Chart for a Dog with Periodontal Disease

  A case example of an electronic dental chart a dog with periodontal disease. This digital chart system was designed by board certified veterinary dentist Brett Beckman. Paperless or Paper Lite, the state of veterinary dental records, has arrived.

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